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There are a lot of methods for the operator’s eye protection: goggles or spectacles, face-screens, protective guards, etc. Follow the national safety regulations.


Our abrasive tools are not hazardous for health in the range of civil law orders and regulations. They are free of antimony, lead, cadmium, asbestos, free phenol and free formaldehyde. They are not subject to obligatory marking required by regulations for harmful materials.


The abrasive tool user is the owner of abrasive wastes and his obligation is to manage the waste in accordance with rules defined in the act on waste disposal and related regulations.


In case requirements of contract or purchase order are not adhered, the customer shall have the right to lodge a complaint against the manufacturer or supplier.

The following information should be specified in the complaint note:

  1. Type, dimensions, characteristics, operating speed of grinding wheel
  2. Identification number together with manufacture date
  3. Quantity supplied and quantity claimed
  4. Delivery date and invoice number
  5. Cause of complaint
  6. Expectations of customer as to complaint processing

The manufacturer shall record, process and settle all complaints in accordance with appli¬cable procedure. The customer shall be notified of results immediately after the procedure has been completed. The form of “Complaint Letter” is placed on page 100.