ANDRE has a reputation as a good, safe employer, highly regarded in the local market. The company's ethos is based on an honest commitment to duty and a sense of responsibility for oneself, for the team, and for the work being done.

Family-owned company

Respect, good atmosphere and family

ANDRE has always been about family values, respect and trust.
From the beginning of the plant's operation, it was important to Robert ANDRE that the company's employees, despite the dynamic transformation that Poland was undergoing, had job stability and their families a sense of security. Today, each of them receives a competitive salary, special allowances and a medical benefits package.


Together we can do more

A good team is a strong point

At present, the company employs more than 220 people. The crew includes both specialists in various fields - chemists, engineers, technologists, logisticians, sales and administrative staff, as well as a whole group of specialized production workers....

Over the three decades of the company's operation, the employee community has become a harmonious team of people, aware of and committed to the company's mission. The team of employees is ANDRE's strong point - they are able to creatively seek solutions and cope with technologically complex orders. Working in ANDRE's team not only gives the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with others, but it is a genuine professional satisfaction and a desirable team spirit.

Commitment and dedication

Emotional connection to the company

Robert Andre often resembled that a company would not be successful without committed and dedicated employees who have an emotional connection to the company and its development.


ANDRE cares about employees

Employee safety is principal

ANDRE has been awarded the title of "Fair Play" Company more than a dozen times, which is a confirmation of the reliability of its operations, also a motivation for continuous improvement of the company's culture and organizational ethics. There are other distinctions as well - ANDRE also received one of the awards in the national competition Employer - Organizer of Safe Work, organized by the Chief Labor Inspector in 2004.

The company strives every year to achieve the goal of zero accidents at work. The Health and Safety Department implements and enforces safety rules for the sake of the most important good, which is human life, which is why ANDRE relies on modern solutions and high-quality equipment that improves not only comfort, but also ensures safe working conditions.