Quality policy

  • Fulfillment of requirements and expectations of the users of the abrasive tools manufactured by our company and assuring that our products are safe in operation.
  • Offering of products characterized by a good qality to price ratio.

We declare:

  • Constant improvement of the abrasive tool production process through putting innovative solutions into practice on the basis of cooperation with research institutions.
  • Production of grinding tools for professional applications that meet the world’s standards in terms of usable values, influence on natural environment and safe operation.
  • Constant reduction of the waste material produced in the manufacturing process of our products.
  • Prevention of accidents at work and constant improvement of working safety and hygiene in our plant by reduction of noise and dust emissions.
  • Creation of positive company image in relation to customers, our employees and our local community .

To implement this policy effectively, we introduced our integrated quality management system, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and PN 18001:2004, the effectiveness of which is being constantly improved.