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Semiflexible grinding tools

  • Fibre discs are designed for universal grinding applications – beginning with the removal of excess material, rust, weld seams, burrs, and ending with an improved surface finish. Depending on the type of abrasive grain, fibre discs are designed for machining various materials.

ABRASIVE FLAP DISCS; The abrasive flap disc are made of flaps coated with abrasive grain, fastened equally to the back plates made of impregnated glass fibre fabrics.


GRINDING WHEELS CBS; Abrasive disc made of unwoven impregnated glass fabric, intended for cleaning, grinding and polishing. Used on portable angle grinders and mounted without any additional blotters.


SEMI-FLEXIBLE GRINDING DISCS WITH PROFILED ABRASIVE COATING; Made on the base of a very strength fibre backplate with a multi-layer resinoid abrasive material, Due to a considerable amount of abrasive material and a special profile this disc is chara­cte­rized by a long life, resistance to “loading”, does not burn the ground material, etc. ...