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Regional Program 1.2 Scheme I

The Regional Operational Program for the Wielkopolska Region. The National Strategy of Coherence.
On March 13th 2009 the Andre Company got subsidy for financing within the framework of The Regional Operational Program for the Wielkopolska Region Priority I “Competitivness of Enterprises” Measure 1.2 Support for SMEs Development 2007-2013.


The subject of the project was purchase of innovative equipment for grinding wheel manufacturing, in the effect of which the following objectives will be attained:

  • Substantial growth in competivenes of the ANDRE Company on the domestic and European market in manufacturing of new and improved grinding wheels type 41, 42 and 27.
  • Reduction of manufacturing unit cost of grinding wheels type 41, which will be achieved by automatization of the production process, in the effect of which the company will achieve a high quality to price ratio allowing for gaining of competitive edge.
  • Improvement of in operational safety of manufactured grinding wheels by implementation of full process control, independent from the press operator.
  • Substantially better repeatability of manufacturing process, guaranteeing the highest and stable product quality.

Besides, the project conforms with the basic objectives of the Strategy of the Wielkopolska  Region – in the effect of its realization new jobs will be created in the company and substantial growth in the development potential of the firm will be achieved by implementation of the new manufacturing technology and testing methods, foundations  for further development of the R&D Department will be created. This project is also compatible with strategic goals of the Regional Operational Program for the Wielkopolska Region directly corresponding with Strategic Guidelines of the EU and with the Development  Strategy of the Country  in terms of improvement of investment conditions, increase in professional activity of the inhabitants and increase in participation of knowledge and innovation in the economy of our Kolo Region.