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Sectoral Operational Program

Sectoral Operational Program. Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises - Measure 2.3 Improvement of competitiveness of SMEs through investments.

Our company concluded a contract for co-financing of the project named “Innovative Improvement of Grinding Wheel Manufacturing Process” carried out in the framework of Sectoral Operational Program - Improvement of Competitiveness of Enterprises – Years 2004-2006.

This program resulted in purchasing of:

  • CNC vertical lathe for grinding wheel machining
  • Semiautomatic machine for injected metal assembly of shafts in mounted point grinding wheels
  • Instrument for non-destructive testing of grinding wheels and honing stones.

Thanks to the project we:

  • created four new jobs
  • implemented a new innovative technology of grinding wheel machining
  • implemented a new testing method of grinding wheel hardness
  • eliminated glues, previously used for assembling of shafts in mounted point grinding wheels.

Detailed information about the Sectoral Operational Program “Improvement of Competitiveness of Enterprises” can be found on the website: www.konkurencyjnosc.gov.pl