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POIG 4.3

To whom it may concerned


Dear Sirs,

You are kindly requested to submit you offer for delivery of the kiln with the following specifications:

  • possible kiln depth - about 4,2 m
  • possible kiln width - about 4 m (max. with piping - 4,7 m)
  • maximum kiln height with fans and accessories - 4,7 m
  • useful volume of the kiln chamber - 8-9 m3
  • with 2 kiln cars
  • maximum firing temperature - 1350 0C
  • goods to be fired - ceramic bonded grinding wheels
  • setting per one kiln car - about 6000 kg (2000 kg - kiln car structure plus 4000 kg of grinding wheels to be fired )
  • heating medium - natural gas, nominal calorific value - 39,5 MJ/m3
  • maximum dimensions of the goods to be fired: 800 mm x 100 mm or 500 mm x 200 mm
  • length of the firing cycle - up to 105 hours
  • with a heat exchanger for heat recovery from the combustion air preheated by waste gases
  • automatic control and recording of the temperature and pressure in the kiln chamber
  • firing cycle data need to be archived and transferred to a remote PC for further analysis

The kiln needs to conform with all relevant EU safety standards.
Please let us know if you need more detailed information necessary for preparation of your quotation .

Best regards

Zbigniew Gajda
Head of Technical Department

Koło, April 20th 2012