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The Innovative Economy POIG 1.4-4.1

The Innovative Economy. The National Strategy of the Cohesion
End of 2008 the ANDRE Company signed the contract on subsidy from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) within the framework of the Operational Program Innovative Economy – Measures 1.2-4.1 Support for goal-oriented projects and Support for implementation of results of R&D works.


Some actions are conducted in the framework of this measure in accordance with company policy aimed at elaboration of a new manufacturing technology of resinoid bonded grinding wheels with usage of proecological raw materials, limiting emission of harmful substances to the environment both during the manufacturing process and the usage of abrasive tools by their users.

The manufacturing technology, worked out as the result of the planned research,  after its implementation into the regular production process shall contribute to manufacturing of grinding tools with higher operational and physical parameters in comparison with the standard ones, characterized by more attractive price to quality ratio and less harmful to the end user and to natural environment.

In order to meet the reach the objectives assumed in the project the ANDRE Company entered into cooperation with scientific centers and with suppliers who will help in selection of raw materials with physical and chemicals properties that will allow for meeting the demands of the project.